22 June 2009

a bunch of stuff wot i did

Went to a charity gig on Saturday night which was actually a whole heap of fun and I danced like a lunatic most of the night. Shame I can't stay permanently tipsy.

Bought the t-shirt.

Saw a lump of tree. Thought it looked cool. Took pic. Here you go, don't say i never give you nuffink.

Took the work guys out for the day to Stoke Bruerne, which wasn't too shabby.

Saw a bunch of trees some place i liked the look of so took a pic. reminded me of 'koktobel'

Sat toasting marshmallows over a fire pit at a friends house while the bananas and chocolate melted in their skins on the hot bricks.

Went to Coventry to look around the uni with a mate to check out some courses for her.

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