4 May 2007

mousse aka aubergine and mince

Cooked moussaka then went online to see how to make it. My lucky dip made me put in cinnamon and cayenne pepper. That worked lovely. Didn't get the egg plant quite right In the oven for an hour and still not quite cooked. Hmm. Good job I opened a bottle of Chianti.


Peter May - The Pinotage Club said...

Its best to cook the aubergine first. Slice and salt it, rinse off salt and squeeze to get rid of excess water. Either fry in oil (but aubergine soaks up oil and spits it everywhere when cooking) or do what I do, brush slices with olive oil and grill

kumquat said...

yeah I did all the salting biz and thought an hour in the oven would do it. hey ho. live and learn.