21 January 2007

Casino Royale

There's probably not a lot i can say about this film that hasn't already been said.
Enjoyed the twist of male/female roles and the psychological background to 007.

Was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film considering how much I've hated
James Bond in the past. Was it his vulnerability and possibility of failure or was
it the big blue eyes. I don't know!

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alimal said...

you know, I wasn't convinced. I thought the 'twist' was blatant throughout, and that it was over sentimentally laboured, which disappointed me considering the slick first half of the film. I thought the casino scenes etc were excellent (loved the self de-fibrilating car kit!), but that it lost the plot and pacing completely when it came to the namby pamby badly acted unconvincing higly predictable unorginal love story.... or am i just getting cynical in my old age?