15 November 2006

reverse bathos

what an amazing day.
wandered over to http://www.giraffe.net/home.html two doors up and saw it was open and full of people. decided to try something new for lunch. girl met me at the door and said that she thought she had a couple of places left as they had invited people in to eat for free that day as it hadn't officially opened. there was one woman in front of me, so i was officially the last person they allowed in to eat for nowt. they positively encouraged you to eat lots so you could try as much as possible. not one to look a gift horse in the chops i had a blow out. tiger prawns and sweet chilli dip, spicy turkey enchilladas & choc chip cheesecake. and a drink. then i left a tip and literally got up and walked out. niiiice.
went back to work and arranged for a film crew from Anglia News to turn up tomorrow for a signing with Geraldine McCaughrean and a different lot from BBC4 to come on Friday to use the branch as a setting for a documentary with the highly interesting-to-google character Digby Anderson. Exciting.
Also a "competitor" dropped out of a high profile event and we have bravely stepped into the breach.
And now, after an evening of playing cards with mini-me and the dog resting his head on my feet, I am sat with a glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

Dear kumquat
Sorry it was your day off. Your stand-in crew did Geraldine proud, and they shifted a fair amount of stock. Only disappointment was no show of Anglia.
John McC.

kumquat said...

Hi! Thanks for passing by my blog.
Glad the day went well for you. I'm sorry my day off fell on Thursday as I would have been glad to have met you. I'm disappointed too that Anglia didn't turn up. We haven't heard anything from them which is a shame.
All the very best with the continuing success of PPiS. Please ask if there is anything we can do to help promote you in the future.