17 September 2006

Day out in London

Spent an interesting morning in Hounslow, revisiting Phillie's youth.

Had lunch at Bistro 1 on Southampton Street. I had a very good sea bream topped with salmon and something yellow that was probably a hollandaise sauce. Served with mash. Very tasty.

Spent the rest of the day walking to numerous underground stations that were all closed for engineering work.

Finally got to see the pokemon card collection. Quite underwhelming but the B.S.S made up for the disappointment.

(Spent a good while debating if K and G had spent much time at the C.C discussing L and A)


blueduck said...

did you see the river stuff? it took me & z 4 hrs to drive the 70 miles from canterbury home because of it all! tried to go over blackfriars bridge but it was full of people!!!!!

kumquat said...

walked through lots of interesting stalls by nft if that's what you mean. i'm sure there was lots else going on that we missed but didn't realise the river festival was happening until we saw a strange man doing "drama" sat on top of a caravan.


Anonymous said...

I like a nice day out in London.

So that's most days.

I should come to bedford. I saw on the news a festival by the river in Bedford and there were some people jumping off a big ladder with parachutes.

You don't get that in London. You get your bike stolen in London.


kumquat said...

eyyyy big dog :) nice to see you leaving your scent on my lamppost.

bad luck with the bike :(