3 July 2006


you can't beat it can you? had a fabulous time with mini-me and the hound down at the river. monty dog went loopy lurcher at being able to get into water that wasn't deep and scary for him and belted along like a nut. i just laughed and laughed with the pleasure of seeing him having fun. perfect.


shinglestreet said...

I strongly suspect that this is the 'falling downs' where we all used to paddle when we we but bubbas. Have yet to take my own bubbs, but it's on the list for this summer. Slightly disappointed that this place does not only exist in my own temporal thingy, and is visible to other people, but quite glad to share it with you and monteh.

kumquat said...

i know the feeling. i kind of want to be the only person who knows it's there as well. it's a little hidden but really perfect for paddling.