30 June 2006


last night KA friends cooked me dinner, brought it round and spent the evening with me! mini-me offered to make pudding for everyone. in the event i made it but it's the thought that counts right? i made fresh raspberry and cream eclairs with sticky icing. they were awesome and i'm going to be making them a lot this summer i think. it will be my standard cook if i'm invited out.... Yes this is a hint to everyone, haha! Damnit they were great, you missed a treat there...

like this but with pink icing,

stuffed with cream

and fresh raspberries sticking out!!


shinglstreet1967 said...

we are heading on into the raspberry season, so please take this as an invite to come round and cook us pudding if we supply mains (and the raspbs for the pud.). Wes welcome, too, of course. I'll warn the snails (no, he will NEVER live that down!). as you know, we are centre parcing next week, but after that? Mole, the bubbas and I would love to see you


kumquat said...


can't wait.