22 May 2006

double vision

My improbable alliance with a Canadian (all the way from Canadia) professor of film who I met online, code name double vision, has just left after spending the weekend with us.

He was very polite about the dog, the mess, the rowdy dinner guests and my off kilter family! I hope he enjoyed himself even half as much as we enjoyed having him. It's not often you can walk in the pouring rain having a conversation about uncannily omniscient cats.

What an all round nice chap. He even went so far as to get British Citizenship last time he was here just so he could fit in. Slowly but surely he's learning how to be English. Under the careful tutelage of Esther and myself he can now passably scorn the Welsh.


Anonymous said...

having a visitor like that must have been a breath of fresh air - something i am now beginning to appreciate

'To move or rotate with an uneven or rocking motion or unsteadily from side to side'

kumquat said...

'small egg shaped toy reminiscent of the 1970's'

yes. it was. and could be again. for others. elsewhere.