6 April 2006

thank goodness for pens and paper

two fab days cramming my head and notebook full of info at a 2 day training session for work. unspeakably dull subject matter for anyone not doing my job, somehow made alive by interesting people and an opportunity for me to learn new stuff, for which i will do almost anything.

pizza out with mary and zak in angel. fabulous crust! how did that second bottle of wine arrive? when will i meet a white russian next? and of course i sat on the seat of fame. yes, i sat on a settee as sat on by peter jackson at my mates house. it's gratuitous bragging and repetitious if you read my blog regularly but....yes, derek jarman lived there once. (mole, it's angel and therefore the chapel market)

and now i'm going to bed because i have an evil sore throat that won't go away and it's making me miserable. hmph.

another time i might tell you about the goats in the machine.


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