12 December 2005


Could be fun getting in to work tomorrow.

Work has not suffered any damage but shops in the same area have big cracks in the walls. Seems we were protected by the car park which stood between us and the blast. My colleagues who live locally told me that things were flying off their shelves during the explosion and that town had a bit of a smoggy atmosphere all day.The motorway is shut down and everyone is going to be taking the back roads to wrok tomorrow morning!


David DeRosa said...

Wow, that is quite a site I must say.

Nice picture.

kumquat said...

yeah. my route passes within 2 fields of it so i've had some spectacular views. of course everyone on the motorway has been rubbernecking for days and my journey time has doubled as a result!
did this make it to the news in the states? the cloud covered huge areas of the south of england.